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Sustainable Employment

We are experiencing a challenging, competitive employment market. Often candidates leave the organisation after 3 to 6 months due to a better offer or better career opportunities. A high staff turnover is problematic for every company. It not only costs money but also valuable time. Engagement with your (new) employees is key. The recruitment process doesn’t stop when your new employee signed the contract. Genius Recruitment can assist you with the onboarding process by carrying out ‘happy checks’, preventing new employees to leave quickly. 

We unburden your organisation and during the first 6 months of employment we guide employees and check in how things are going, does the role and organisation meet your expectations, do you have any concerns, how do you see yourself grow in your role/within the organisation. The manager of your new employee plays a vital part in this process. We will guide the manager and provide advice and feedback on the employee first experience. Do you choose for sustainable employment, Genius Recruitment is here to help! sustainable employment of your employees, Genius Recruitment helps your business!

Why Genius Recruitment?

We have a genuine, sincere interest to listen and understand your recruitment needs. With our passion and experience we will go that extra mile in attracting, selecting, sourcing and recruiting the best fit for your organisation. We offer an open and transparent way of communication, with a personal touch. We have a dedicated, experienced team.





We offer guidance and advice to the candidate during the first two weeks of the onboarding program. Are you happy, have you been introduced to your colleagues, is it what you expected. First feedback. Potential points for improvement will be discussed with the manager.

Happy Check

A one on one conversation with the employee after 2 months. During his meeting we will discuss how they are, do you enjoy your daily work, does the role and the company meet your expectations and does this match the job profile. Do you have any concerns?

Personal development

A one on one conversation with the employee after 5 months. We will discuss if they feel connected with the organisation. In addition, we will focus on motivation, development and ambition. Is there any training needed and finally their expectations for the coming months.