About Genius Recruitment

At Genius Recruitment we believe that everyone is a genius. Everyone is unique in their own way. Our mission is to connect geniuses. 

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

– A. Einstein

Genius Recruitment unburdens your HR team and your hiring managers. We can take full responsibility of your recruitment process. We invest time in getting to know you and your organisation. Its' mission, vision and future goals. Then we can make the right match. We are open and transparent in our communication and will guide and advice you throughout the process, whether it is one vacancy, or multiples vacancies that you are looking to fill. We will be your dedicated partner. 

For clients

Our clients include both National and International (SME) organisations. With our experienced, committed and dedicated team we offer different recruitment solutions. We have a network and key focus on office based positions and (field based) sales positions. We unburden your HR team or hiring managers. Offering over 20 years’ recruitment experience we know how to attract and recruit suitable employees for your organisation. 

For candidates

We offer you advice and guidance throughout the recruitment process. Our focus is office based positions within finance, HR, recruitment, marketing, administration, customer service and (field based) sales positions. We also have experience with senior management positions. We will invest time to get to know you as a person, what are your competences, drive and motivation. Based on this, we will search for the perfect match.

Genius Recruitment connects people and businesses. We pride ourselves offering a professional high quality service.


Over 20 years’ recruitment experience

National & International network

Permanent & temporary recruitment

Experienced recruitment process outsourcing partner

One main point of contact

We unburden your HR team and hiring managers

Karin Raadschelders – Founder

My passion is connecting people. And this is what I have been doing for more than 15 years. My goal is matching the right people with the right organisation. Not only based on competences but I also look at the cultural fit, team fit, future plans and its DNA of the company. The competences of your employees are an important foundation for your company. The talent of your employees allows you to grow as organisation. When am I successful? When I match candidates with the right competences and talent with the right company for them. Read more



Maaike Willems


As a Recruiter and Career Advisor I advise companies with a wide variety of recruitment issues.

I not only advise and recruit new talent, but I have a keen interest in advising my clients on how to retain talent for the long term and sustainable employment. How is your internal mobility organised, do you provide training and education and above all do you spend time with your (new) employees understanding their personal development needs, motivation and qualities? I have the tools and expertise to organise this for you. As your Recruitment Business Partner, I have a genuine interest in finding the right, creative, pragmatic solutions for you and your employees. What drives me? Discovering what drives employees, managers and applications. I have the ability to motivate both managers and employees and to simplify processes.

Throughout my recruitment career I worked within a variety of industries including manufacturing and production, science, pharmaceutical, hospitality and care for the disabled. This includes SME businesses but also the larger (international) organisations. I have managed recruitment teams, work as a consultant, interim recruiter or on recruitment projects.  Read more